Family Eucharist

We are very committed to families and enabling all ages to worship God together. The language and liturgy are designed to enable children to understand what we are doing. We are dedicated to all Child Protection and Vulnerable Adult procedures. This means we are able, through our ‘Nearest adult is responsible’ policy and banning the word ‘shush’ to encourage the very young children to explore the church during services whilst mum’s and dad’s get to relax and enjoy their worship time. Older children can join with other children and enjoy Sunday Club activities within the church. This enables families to come together for the Communion towards the end of the service.

Dates: 2019 3rd March,  31st March (Mothering Sunday)  7th April (Passion Sunday),  21st April (Easter Day), 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th August, 1st Spetember, 6th October (Harvest), 3rd November, 10th November (Remembrance Sunday)  1st December (Toy and Gift Service)

Taizé Prayer Services

Taizé services were developed in the Community by that name in France. It’s style contains the most basic and essential elements of worship. It includes two main forms of prayer, one is a lament and cry for help and the other is thanksgiving and praise to God. Singing is acknowledged as one of the most essential elements of worship so Taizé prayer includes short songs, repeated again and again, give it a meditative character. The final element is silent prayer to reflect the fact that peaceful communion with God can do without words. (ref: Taizé community website)

Dates: as announced

Celtic Prayer Services

Celtic Christianity is an ancient path which revels in the vivid, palpable presence of God in the everyday rounds of life. Celtic spirituality not only emphasizes the indwelling of God within every person but also stresses the sense of a corporate and shared spirituality. The liturgy uses songs, poems, prayers, blessings, in the style of the Celtic people. The poets speak of a closeness to the earth, the rhythms of the seasons, and the reach of the extended family which our worship in this form hopes to emulate. After the scripture readings and meditations, there is an opportunity to pray whatever is on your mind and heart, offering to God the concerns of the day, your personal needs and prayers for other people whilst listening to recorded music

Dates: as announced

Harvest Festival for the school